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Do ERP solutions really help business growth?

Posted on

The short answer? Yes, and here's why

At BOSS Consulting, we believe that the bottom line is this: effective and efficient use of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software can take an organisation to the next level and provides the platform to enable a range of benefits across businesses.

Increased use of automation

By implementing the right ERP tools into a business, business owners can introduce automation enabling their employees to become more productive, focus on value-adding activities and ultimately be more successful in their roles.

A well-implemented ERP solution (think SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft) is the key to efficient and consistent processes. It allows increased automation of repeatable tasks, allowing business owners to focus on their main priority – improving the top line and reducing overall costs.

Better cross-business communication

Now more than ever, cross-business communication is key. The ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to become agile, with many employees working independently from home. And while this new remote way of working comes with its benefits, it also makes interdepartmental and cross-business communication more challenging.

A well-maintained ERP system provides relevant, up-to-date information to employees, and through the use of effective workflows, helps employees to make timely decisions regardless of location.

As many businesses are adapting their ways of working, efficient automation of relevant communications will become increasingly important.

Happier clients

No matter how good an organisation’s product is, in order to retain customers and enhance reputation, customer service is imperative. A good ERP system can enhance customer service.

Your ERP solution provides the platform to collect each employee’s customer knowledge to enhance the customer experience. By having a system that allows the customer journey to be recorded, employees are better-informed and better able to offer a more personalised customer experience.

And should an employee leave, the customer information and journey remain, allowing the customer a more connected experience from the organisation.

Proactive decision making

An ERP solution that gives accurate and up-to-date information can help to make smarter and proactive decisions. There’s no need to wait for the numbers to come in at the end of the month/quarter/year, a robust ERP solution should enable leaders to make decisions based on current information real-time, anywhere.

Imagine a world where employees could proactively respond to challenges and opportunities armed with up-to-date scenarios and information on their chosen mobile device thereby increasing the overall productivity and proactivity of the organisation.

Improved security

ERP software comes with robust security solutions, making it easier and safer for employees and business owners to work remotely, across multiple devices. The additional security offers more flexibility across the workforce, ensuring that the system is safe and data is much less likely to be compromised or accessed by someone without the authority to do so.

If you would like advice on your ERP selection or programme, or have any questions about this article, please contact bill.noon@boss-consulting.co.uk.

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